We had a very very slow morning. The rest and doing nothing was very much needed and we felt invigorated when we finally dragged ourselves to the road. The weather liked to give us nice little showers of rain all the time but it was not that cold yet.
We got a ride from a norwegian guy to a village on our way. We heard very good norwegian folk music in the car and were happy to get forward. From the village we got a ride from a Czech guy who was working in ski centers in the winters in Norway.
One of the best things in hitch hiking is the various people you meet on the road. It is so interesting! I hope many of you who gave us a ride is reading this blog now (even though it has taken me a lot of time to write this…)
From the crossing to Kiiruna and Narwik we tried to get a ride for four hours until we gave up and put our camp up. It was a miracle we got the tent up dry and well. Exhausted and tired we just wanted to get out of (still beautiful) Norway and to Sweden were we could actually afford pizza or coffee and other luxuries!
Our short way on our eight day: