Day seven – it rains in Norway

”Yep. Tourists…”

We started in the morning for Birtavarre and the nature reservoir in the region. Unfortunately we started to realize we would not have many days left on our trip before we wanted to be home. Even hiking on our way to Sweden started looking unlikely.

Sometimes the scenery was just amazing.

You can catch the weirdest things when photographing from the car. Often the clouds looked really threatening.

Smaller and bigger streams falling from the mountains was a common but spectacular sight.

We continued our way to Birtavarre (Pirttivaara) with our german company. The area was amazing, dead low birches, mining facility ruins, deep canyons and high mountains. Deeper in the area there would have been waterfalls and a hanging bridge… but we had little time and not really the optimum gear to start hiking to Halti from there.
We got a ride till Skibotten with our friends and continued our way from there.
Or wanted to. Really really wanted to. But Skibotten, that was a really dead road, no traffic and it was getting dark. And it was windy and rainy. We froze our asses on the side of the road and finally got a ride from a norwegian woman to Trømso crossing. It was difficult to get a ride from that road and gas station cluster but finally we got a short ride to a better hitching site.
Our friend the rain kept us company. Finally we gave up and put our tent up very close to the road but on a nice spot with a beautiful view. We really needed that nights sleep.

Just when we got our tent up the light showed a spectacular dance in the clouds.

Massive clouds, heavy light, scenes like from Mordor. Norway.

Our journey on day seven.


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  1. Delicious photography here!

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