By this time we were just tired. The anticipation that kept us going in the beginning of the journey was gone. We had no real time to do anything anymore, everything that was left was just traveling back home. We were ragged, smelly, tired of noodles, I was too tired to take any photographs anymore (this will make the last posts a little boring).

With our new ”AWAY” sign we started early in the morning not to miss any traffic. It still took us an hour and a half to get a ride from a amazing traveling french guy who really did not have the room in the car but took us in anyway! We talked broken english and listened to music, we were relieved and happy to get to Kiiruna.
Kiiruna had one of the coolest things ever: food that was warm and wasn’t cooked on a small gas burner and a kettle. Pizza! Coffee! Toilet! Civilization even though Kiiruna is a weird newly built mining city.
Fro Kiiruna we got a ride from a swedish mining company guy. The ride was safe and long all the way till Töre. From Töre it was waiting again. Not much traffic was going here and even less rides even though we got quite hilarious looks with our AWAY sign. Eventually we got a ride till Kalix, luckily the ride wasn’t longer… The young guy was listening to his music so loud I was missing my earplugs that were stashed in the back backs… we really though we were going to go deaf. In better situations that ride would have been one that we would have said no thanks to.
We continued trying to get a ride from Kalix. So close to Finnish border, no giving up now! Finally we got a ride from a very nice finnish couple who had been visiting friends in Norway and were now returning to Finland. A ride all the way to Finland!

One of the best road signs for a while!

We stopped for the night after Tornio on a resting site. We put our tent up in stony ground knowing that this would be the last night and felt relieved.

Journey on day nine: We can’t stop here, this is Sweden!