Day six started out even better than the day before. We got a ride from Tina And Jan, a german couple in their self made trailer car. The car was maybe coolest ever with bus benches and a real heavy feeling. We started first to go and see rock paintings in a huge nature path + museum in Alta.

Tina and Jan

Who did they draw in these pictures?

Elk and reindeer were common subjects.

The rock forms them selves were worth seeing. The site had a lot of drawings from different eras.

We travelled with them for a very beautiful camping site in Badderfjorden/Sørstrømmen. The site had a lot of others and quite a few Finns too.
But karma decided this was the time to hit us back with a huge blow. We happily put out tent up and heard this CRACK! One of the supporting rods broke!
I was OMFG and Taru was how are we gonna fix this… and we asked help from our german friends who were packing all the needed tools with them. Such luck to have bad luck in a place were there was help available!
In the evening we took a long walk to the near hills to do some photography. This made me happy but Taru was tired and about to catch a cold… We both wee starting to be tired even though being on the road was awesome.

Tina in Front of their car. The picture is taken with my pinhole lens to my DSLR

The clouds were eating the earth. I dreamt of walking to the clouds even though it apparently is just foggy and wet experience.

Light played a majestic dance in the clouds.

Day six route. Shortish but enjoyable.