We started our journey to Nordkapp from a whim – why not? Why wait when you are 50 and finally have that caravan? I want to explore the world today, take my camera to places, see and experience other things.

And that we did! We planned and packed for ten days. We bought all the food from Finland because Norway is known to be expensive. It truly is – because the clouds seem so low you can say the prices are above clouds. We packed our food, clothes and camping gear to two backpacks and started on Wednesday morning in Helsinki. Our simple goal was to dip our toes to the arctic sea.
Our first day did not start easy, it took about four hours to get the first ride to Heinola. The ride was nice and unproblematic and when we got out of the car in under a minute we got the second lift to Viitasaari Kiosk! At the kiosk we had a beer and lunch and went back to the roadside.
Finnish summer is beautiful. View from the Viitasaari kiosk.

A girl at the kiosk was reading a book.
The lake.
The last ride of the day was up to Oulu. We stayed before Oulu at Tupos gas station where we blogged and camped. the atmosphere was positive and exited!

Many truckers spend their night at Tupos.