We spent the nigh in a magical little meadow near the fjord.

In the morning we continued to the road. We soon realized there was no traffic this up north and on Saturday. Also everyone would think we were going to Nordkapp and we had by now decided we would see Havøysund instead.

We got a small ride to the right road from locals and kept a lunch brake. After this we noticed we were stuck on a desert. It was flat, we could see the straight(!) road on both directions for a kilometer, on our left side there were few houses by the sea and on our right side the rocky lowa shrubbery continued to faraway hills. The atmosphere was unique. But it was hot… I changed into bikini top and a scarf skirt and we just laid on the empty road waiting for traffic that did not come. We played with the camera, we made mental lists on what to do when hitch hiking on a desert, we got bored and we got desperate.
We can’t stop here, this is bat country!
A very bright coloured road kill.

Finally we got a kilometer forward and found a little stream to refill our water bottles. Cold lovely mountain stream water! The sea looked so warm and colorful but we did not stop to take a break in case we missed a rare car. We pleaded for a ride from some tourists, we walked in the heat onward on the road.

And finally! A german couple picked us up, and they were going to Havøysund too! They did not stay there but we did so we thanked them for saving us and planned for the evening and the ferry.

We visited the local small church, marveled the fishing town atmosphere and dragged our pack backs on a hill. But have me deciding on a place for a tent when I’m tired! We ended up camping on a windiest place on a night that was almost storm. We dragged stones on the corners and Taru spent half of the night awake to check on the stones and keep the tent steady. I was so tired in the evening I almost walked past the tent when dragging the stones to it so I could not trust myself to keep awake the night and Taru had to be the heroine and suffer.

In the morning the tent was visibly bent by the wind. Luckily it did not really rain that night.
The coast guard was in harbor.

Not all the town is this idyllic picture of old run down fisher town in Norway but you get to see some details like this. We were really happy to go to Havøysund instead of Nordkapp.