We woke up early in the morning to get our camp together without hurry. We wanted to take the ferry to the islands, originally I wanted to see Måsøya or Ingøya but we had already on Saturday figured out that this would be impossible on this trip. The small ferry that goes from Havøysund to the islands is expensive and it runs on the island very irregularly. Sunday was the only day on the week the ferry goes to Hammerfest and I did not trust that we would get a ride from Havøysund very easily. From Hammerfest we could get on our journey more easily we hoped.

We had ample time in the Havøysund harbor. The day was a cloudy and windy but beautiful.

Fish in the harbor shallows.

The ferry was fast and comfortable. We spent a little time on the deck to shoot some photos and scenery was amazing!

Beautiful archipelago.

On our way to Hammerfest we also saw an oil facility.

Hammerfest church was a sight to see from the sea but unfortunately I do not have pics from it. Inside it had beautiful color glass windows.

Next episode: karma and our route.