Day 3 – The love of Lapland

We started relatively early in the morning back to the road side. We got really lucky and got a ride on a empty tourist bus on its way to Ivalo airport. We helped a little on the way to clean the bus and perhaps gained a bit of that famous Karma you will soon hear about. Apparently tourist busses go around a lot empty so they are real hitchhikers prices!
On our way to Ivalo the scenery started to change. I had never been northern than Sodankylä before and even the road sides were beautiful in their Lapland scarce way. Ivalo was a very small place, we shopped for ice cream and fresh food and borrowed a screw driver from an outdoors shop. Unfortunately we did not have time or energy to go see a local handy crafts and art exhibition. We just itched to continue our way.
I also met a fellow student from my school! The world is so small… Nuppu was on her way to Murmansk to catch a train to China! I eagerly wait to hear about her travels. It is a journey I want to do someday too.
From Ivalo we got a ride to Kaamaisen Kievari, the tavern at Kaamainen. Oiva who gave us a ride told us about his younger days in the southern Finland and how he fell in love with lapland. I looked at the scenery and understood him, there is just something very rare and amazing in the nature here.
Oiva at Kaamainen

From the tavern we asked a ride for only a few kilometers to the right road to Karasjok. This was the second ride that told us about Nordkapp and it started feeling less and less inviting as a goal of our journey. Tourists by buss loads and mist, it is the almost most northern place in Europe and very expensive.
At the road to Kaamainen we sent the last sms to people and closed our phones. It took a while to get a ride but when we got one it was a speedy one! The norwegian guy also gave us smoked fish when he dropped us to the Saame center in Karasjok. The fish was delicious and the tourist info was very helpful and kind. We had now a decent map book of northern Norway.
We also had a problem with fish. We had too much of it and it would not last to the evening in the warm weather. Luckily we ran across to the buss driver from earlier and could donate the fish to a good new home in his fridge!
Me and all the fish!

We got a ride to Lakselv in a two-door small car from two russian tourists! The ride was hilarious and fun and we were just so happy to be in Norway. (Well the weather was awesome still at this point!)

From Lakselv it was more difficult to get to Oldefjord/Russeness but a local guy drove us there. We stopped on the way to do some photography but we were in Russeness decently early.

In Russeness we spent the evening doing photography and put up our camp. The place we found for our tent felt really magical and close to nature because it was sufficiently far from all the caravans and cabins!

In next post more pics from Russeness and Oldefjord!

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Day three – Oldefjord

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  1. "So long and thanks for all the fish" :3

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