Okei. We have hitch hiked in Norwegian desert. Surprisingly no cars. We have walked in heatwave stricken Norway on narrow winding roads. We saw an idyllic fishing town and spent the night with horrible wind. Taru stayed up most of the night to keep the tent safe, I just passed out from exhaustion.

Today our karma really pampers us: we got a ride from young people returning home from the festival in Lakselv. Now we have showered, we had coffee and we got internet and a can of beer! This just might be heaven…

Moving pictures on the computer now. You will get some randomly picked pics soon!

Our route:

Sodankylä-Ivalo-Kaamanen-Karasjok-Lakslev-Russenes/Oldefjord-Kokelv-Havösund-Hammerfest (ferry)-E6 crossing-Alta.

Tomorrow a new day!